Our Story

Two speech pathologists who were destined to meet, the stars aligned in early 2020 when Mara received her graduate school placement under Erica's supervision. They immediately clicked and shared a love of both sparkly things and tiny erasers! Together, they came up with Sparkle of Speech and began a mission to give every speech room a bit of sparkle! Do you need glitter to sparkle? We certainly think it helps, but we also think that well thought out products with affordable prices help you and your students shine! With time, patience and a whole lot of practice, they invented and perfected Speech Circles and fell in love with using the product in their own speech sessions. The success of Speech Circles (and the amount of excitement and motivation seen from our students and other SLPs) led to other fun products (Chatter Boxes) and much more in the works! They hope you are inspired and excited by the products you see on this page and that they help foster increased communication skills as well as making it easier for every SLP, educator and parent to do so!


Stay Sparkly,


Mara & Erica 

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