This Chatter Box brings the warmth of SPRING to any classroom! It comes with 16 mini erasers (frogs, butterflies, suns, flowers) and 1 die which are used to complete all activities. Colorful pages and fun tiny objects keep students motivated and engaged to complete all tasks!

This Chatter Box Includes the following speech and language activities:

1. Descriptive Daisies: Find the eraser that appropriately matches its descriptive term

2. Categories: Students name 3 items they can think of for each category provided

3. Yes/No Questions: Answer yes/no questions to demonstrate comprehension of basic concepts.

4. Find & Place: Find and Place: Make inferences to find which eraser goes on their appropriate circle

5. What Does Not Belong: Given a choice of 4, students must choose the one word that does not belong with the others.

6. Who Questions: Students answer a variety of who questions

7. What Questions: Students answer a variety of what questions

8. Where Questions: Students answer a variety of where questions

9. When Questions: Students answer a variety of when questions

10. Why Questions: Students answer a variety of why questions

11. Open Ended Scene- Butterflies: Use erasers with the butterfly scene to facilitate a variety of language skills.

12. Open Ended Scene- Frog: Use erasers with the pond scene to facilitate a variety of language skills.

13. Open Ended Scene- Flower: Use erasers with the flower scene to facilitate a variety of language skills.

14. Open Ended Scene- Sun: Use erasers with the sun scene to facilitate a variety of language skills.

15. Follow Directions: Follow simple directions using the erasers on a picture scene.

16. Following Spatial Directions: Increase spatial concepts by placing erasers in specific locations.
17. Functional Frogs Run Board Game: A cute and colorful board game that helps students learn objects functions.

18. Phonological Awareness Match: Increase phonological awareness by having students identify objects that start with each letter.

19. Would you Rather?: Silly and fun questions that encourages students to make hard choices and explain their reasoning why!

20. Basic Concepts: Place erasers on objects that are bigger, smaller, taller, more and empty.


This product also includes:

  • A fun and colorful box
  • A small bag with 4 mini frog erasers, 4 mini butterfly erasers, 4 mini flower erasers, 4 mini sun erasers, and a small die. 
  • 20 laminated cards with different speech and language activities listed above

Why parents, SLPs and other educators love it:

  • Easily transportable in a 5x7 brightly colored box (perfect for traveling)
  • Targets a variety of language skills including receptive and expressive language!
  • A variety of boxes and themes to collect! 
  • Increases motivation and engagement with fun mini erasers and die!
  • Perfect to use with groups of students who target different language goals.


Use this Spring themed box as a fun and engaging way to develop language and meet goals. A lot of time and effort has been put into these products and we hope you enjoy! 


Please note: This product is not intended for children under 3 years old due to the small objects (mini erasers and dice) that are included. 


Stay Sparkly! 
Mara & Erica

Chatter Box - Spring Theme