Speech pathologists, educators, and parents now have an effective and engaging way to increase language skills. These durable and easy-to-clean acrylic discs are safe and perfectly sized for little hands. Use the included magnifying glass to search for objects and improve fine motor skills while increasing receptive and expressive language. Each circle comes with a booklet of 20 ready-to-go activities, all tucked inside a cute holographic bag convenient for storage and travel.

This package includes:

  • 1 Speech Circle (7 inch circle x 0.6 inch)
  • 1 mini magnifying glass (size and shape may vary with purchase)
  • 1 cute holographic bag for storage and travel
  • Booklet of 20 Activities including;

      1. Categories

      2. What Does Not Belong?
      3. Compare & Contrast
      4. Spatial Concepts - Between
      5. Spatial Concepts - Next To
      6. Spatial Concepts - Above & Below
      7. Inferences
      8. Adjectives
      9. Find the Descriptions 
     10. Silly Sentences
     11. Auditory Closure
     12. What Questions
     13. Who Questions
     14. Would You Rather?
     15. Object Function
     16. Following 1-Step Directions
     17. Following 2-Step Directions
     18. Colors
     19. Yes/No Questions
     20. Form a Sentence

Why parents, SLPs and other educators love it:

  • Portable and convenient for traveling
  • Targets a variety of language goals
  • Can easily be cleaned and disinfected!
  • Colorful and engaging!

Stay Sparkly!

Mara & Erica



Speech Circles! An Effective and Engaging way to target Language Skills!